Saturday, 12 August 2017

Popflex Activewear

Popflex is an active wear brand created by youtube, pilates instructor Cassey Ho, also known as Blogilates. I've been following Cassey on social media ever since I first got into pop pilates two years ago. I'm obsessed with the positive attitude and message she spreads.
Cassey came out with her first range in popflex in January last year and since then has had two more releases. They are all stunningly beautiful and creative.

I was lucky enough to win a $100 voucher for the online popflex store on an instagram giveaway, and went on a mini spree. I only bought 3 items, and so far am impressed with the beauty and quality.

I went in with a game plan, one bra, one pair of leggings, and one top. I didn't quite stick to it, swapping a top for shorts, but I am very proud of myself for not spending any extra money. The wishing star capri's were a must for me. As soon as I saw the sheer paneling and criss-cross pattern around the calf I was a goner. I decided to be brave and go for the dark bloom pattern instead my preferred plain black, which I do not regret. The pattern is gorgeous, but I expected nothing less from Cassey Ho. I had a little bit of trouble ordering these leggings. When they first arrived they were too small and I had to send them all the way back to America to exchange for a bigger size. The fit of the next size up was far better. The quality of these leggings is insane; they are incredibly stretchy and slimming, the fabric doesn't go sheer when stretched, and the material is super soft. The only down side for me is they tend to slip down when doing more intense activities. They work very well for pilates.

Once again I was a little bit brave, purchasing the fly away run shorts in the dark bloom pattern. These are also beautiful. The fabric layers sheer, and opaque in a butterfly wing-like style. On the website they recommend wearing booty shorts underneath, which I think is definitely necessary as the shorts are very loose.

Last, but definitely not least, the set the bar bra in night. This is my favourite item out of the three. One thing Cassey stressed was how hard her team had worked to produce the bra cups for all her sports bras. I wasn't confident that the bra would be as good as she said. When I put the bra on, though, I nearly cried. The support of this bra is AMAZING! No matter what crazy moves I do my boobs are kept in place, barely bouncing at all. I am a very happy customer. If you would like to see the bra in action check out my Instagram.

I am pretty stoked with the quality and beauty of each of these items. I'm already planning my next wee haul. I'd love to know what you think of the popflex activewear if you've tried any.

Amesmames xx

Friday, 30 June 2017

The Liebster Award

One of my favourite teen bloggers, Peyton, who I met over Instagram has nominated me for the Liebster award.  Peyton is a lifestyle blogger from America who writes about life with a chronic illness. Reading her blog, Patience and Pajamas has made me a lot more aware of issues I had never considered before. Check out Peyton's blog and instagram, and give her some love!

The Liebster award is a tag made by bloggers which gives bloggers the opportunity to share about yourself, and introduce readers to some other very cool bloggers! First I'll share 11 facts about me, then I'll answer 11 questions from Peyton, and then I'll leave 11 questions for anyone else who wants to do the Liebster award. (I'm doing 11 of everything because that is what Peyton did, I'm sure you could do more or less if you wanted)

11 facts about me:

1. I have five siblings, one brother and four sisters
2. I'm a major home body, and plan to never move out of Christchurch
3. I cried watching Finding Dory
4. I am the only redhead in my family, everyone else has brown hair.
5. When I was 14 I only dreamed in cartoon
6. I've never been further out of New Zealand than Australia
7. If I could have any superpower, I would fly
8. I've never broken a bone
9. I play the piano, and the flute
10. I love planning, and am already planning my birthday party... for April next year
11. I'm scared of needles

11 questions from Peyton:

1. Where were you when you decided to start your blog?

This was a while ago, so I'm not actually 100% sure. I think I was at home, but I had been considering starting a blog for a long time before that.

2. What is one thing you wish you could say to every reader who lands on your site?

You will never find satisfaction in material things

3. If you could instantly become fluent in any language, which language would you choose?

I think I would choose either French or Italian. I've been learning French for almost 4 years, and am going on an exchange trip to Geneva, Switzerland at the end of this year, so being fluent would be incredibly helpful.
If I didn't choose French I would choose Italian because I think it's a beautiful language and I love European languages.

4. Picture your dream home: is it big or small?

My dream home is reasonably big because I want to have a big family

5. If you could only access one of the following for the rest of your life which would you choose: Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter?

Definitely Instagram! I live on Instagram.

6. Stripes or polka dots?

I'm a stripes kinda gal for sure

7. Who is your biggest inspiration?

I don't think I have just one, in terms of life I aspire to be like Christ, but my blog goals is Morgan of Morgan Alice Beauty . She is simply the cutest!

8. What is your favourite movie of all time?

This is going to make me sound like such a little kid, but my favourite movie is Rio.

9. What are your feelings on rain? Dislike? Indifference? 

I love I'm tucked up in bed or cosy in the lounge and it is pouring with rain outside. When the rain is very heavy it makes me feel comfortable and happy. But I hate the wet smell just before it rains, I have never liked it.

10. Do you follow professional sports? Which is your favourite?

I'm not a big sport person, but I do enjoy watching the Rugby with my Dad.

11. What is your favourite dessert?

Cheesecake, it's my guilty pleasure and biggest weakness when it comes to my sugar-free diet.

11 Questions for Nominees:

1. Why did you start your blog?
2. Have ever wanted to shut your blog down, and why?
3. Where is your dream holiday destination?
4. Sunrise or Sunset?
5. What is your biggest pet peeve?
6. Who is your Instagram goals?
7. What is your biggest regret?
8. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
9. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
10.  What is one thing you could never live without?
11. What is your favourite lolly?

I'm nominating anyone who wants to do the Liebster award! I think it's a really cool tag, and so I'm leaving it with you.
If you do decide to accept the Leibster Award be sure to:
1. Explain what the award is
2. Share 11 facts about yourself
3. Answer 11 questions from whoever nominated you (me)
4. Leave 11 questions for those you nominate
5. Nominate your favourite bloggers!

Amesmames xx

Friday, 23 June 2017

A Day at Sumner Beach

Sumner is one of my favourite places in Christchurch, I love the cheerful atmosphere. I'm always nagging my family to go on a walk at Sumner in the evenings. Being the planner that I am, I had organised everything and been looking forward to going for the past couple of days.

 I generally only go in summer, on mild nights, and it's normally packed! Because of the freezing temperatures and the high tide it was much less busy than I'm used to which was really nice.
  Me and my sisters wandered down the beach and headed to the fish and chip store when I spotted this cute, pink building and made everybody stop....
... And made them take photos of me.

 We then headed back down to the beach to eat our chips. It was short lived, as we were swarmed by seagulls and had to run a hide behind a rock.

Little trips like this are such mood boosters. It's so calm and peaceful, I found myself totally relaxed, which is incredibly rare for me. I found the week going so much faster when I had something to look forward to.

Outfit Details:
Pom Pom Beanie - Cotton On (similar style here)
Peplum Top - Glassons (similar style here)
Skinny Jeans - Cotton On
Shoulder Bag - Laura Jones

Amesmames xx

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Winter Walks

 Last Monday was one of the nicest days we've had in a long time, it was so lovely and warm. So I did what any teenage girl would do, I dragged my brother out for a walk - which turned into more of a photo shoot. He wasn't impressed, but I couldn't let the chance pass me by!

It is winter now, my least favourite time of year. As much as I love cozy days wrapped up in blankets watching tv and playing board games, the reality of winter for me is stressful projects, tests, long and slow days at school, and a general lack of motivation. The truth is I've been very lazy and, I wouldn't say depressed, but low and lonely. I've been saying I'm too busy to do housework and homework, and then just going on my phone in all my spare time. So I'm making a huge effort to nip it in the bud, by doing little things like going on walks, face timing friends, and getting off technology more often.

Although I'm doing a lot better attitude wise, I'm still counting down the days until the school holidays. Two weeks and four days to go! I'm keeping myself going by planning holiday activities and blog posts. If anyone has any cheap ideas for Christchurch in winter I'm all ears!

Outfit Details:
Rib Knit Sweater - $70, H&M
Boyfriend Jeans - $50, Cotton on
Black Ankle Boots - $80, Number One Shoes
Ring - $30, Ore Jewellery
Leather Jacket - Glassons

Amesmames xx

Friday, 9 June 2017

Sugar Free - The Update

It's been almost 1 year since I made the decision to be sugar free. I never imagined I would stay sugar free for so long, I thought it would last a couple of months at most! But now as I near the end of my 12th month I can't imagine going back.

This year has definitely been a learning curve for me. Finding sugar free snacks that aren't loaded with carbs is a lot harder than it sounds. I try to keep my diet as diverse as possible and try not to overeat one snack because otherwise I would get sick of everything really quickly!
It didn't take me long to find sugar free snacks in summer. I was eating a lot of fruit and veges, as well as chia seed puddings and smoothies, and all those things taste so good I didn't really want anything else.

I'm finding winter a little bit harder as I am craving comfort food. I would love to stuff myself with pies, sausage rolls, and spiced wedges, but it's not doing anything for me. I generally take leftovers from dinner to school for lunch which is nice and easy, but it's when I get home that I struggle. It's 4pm, I'm tired, and all I want is to eat some cracker and cheese, or even just plain bread. It takes a lot of willpower and self-control to not have an afternoon binge. Scrambled eggs have been my best friend this past month.

One of the most interesting things about this whole sugar free experience is my body's reaction to sugar now when I do have it. I feel incredibly tired when I eat sugar. If I have a proper cheat day (i.e. eating dessert and snacking on sweets throughout the day) the next 2-3 days are always low for me. I generally end up conking out and having a nana-nap in the afternoon, and feel very unmotivated. I also get bloating and ulcers after a cheat day. 

When I first started, I knew that my body wouldn't be able to handle sugar like it did when I was eating sugar, that's a given. I just wasn't expecting to have such an intense reaction. 
It has made me very conscious of when I have a cheat day, and as a general rule, I will not have a cheat day anytime that something is important or stressful is happening. I guess it's just more motivation to not cheat.

Although it is nice to have a cheat day every now and again, I am slowly feeling less of a need to do so. I don't really want chocolate or lollies, and if I am in the mood for something like that there are sugar free options like healtheries chocolate and Tom and Luke's salted caramel snackballs. My 13 year old self would be so disappointed in me, I used to HATE healthy food that 'tastes just as good as normal food' because it never did. But when you're not eating normal food regularly, you can't tell the difference. It honestly tastes delicious to me, and I don't need anything else.

I love how I feel now that I'm sugar free, and love the fact that I don't crave sugar anymore. I have a couple of good friends who have recently become sugar free too which makes it so much easier as I'm not alone! I'd love to hear how others have found their transition, and I'm always open to food suggestions!

Amesmames xx

Friday, 5 May 2017

April Favourites 2017

April has come and gone (far too quickly for my liking), and this month I have been trying out and loving bunch of new products. I've never done a favourites before, but I love watching/reading them on youtube and blogs, so I decided to give it a go. Here is everything I have been loving throughout April:
I have been using the Too Faced Natural Matte Eyeshadow Palette pretty much non-stop this month. It is so easy to use, and because the shades are all matte they are very wearable on a day to day basis.
The Rimmel Brows This Way Eyebrow Gel has been my go to for school because I don't generally wear any foundation or bb cream to school, so I like a very natural brow. This gel is great because it tidies and defines my eyebrows without making them to bold or in your face. I use the blonde shade.
I am obsessed with this Rimmel Lipstick! This shade is 'Rock 'n' Roll Nude' from the Rimmel Kate Anniversary Collection. It is a gorgeous nude-pick, and I pretty much live in it.
April, being a month of sudden weather changes, has cause my skin to freak out a little and dry out a lot, particularly around my mouth and nose. I have been reaching for the Herb Farm Rose Face Cream at these times, and it has been a life saver! I generally only use the face cream at night however, if my skin is particularly dry I apply some after my moisturizer in the morning. It makes my skin feel so much smoother and softer, and I love that it is made in New Zealand.
Another NZ brand (New Zealand represent!) that I have been loving is Skinfood. I'm a weekly face mask kinda gal. I really enjoy taking one night out a week to have a bath, pop on a face mask and watch a chick flick. The Skinfood Mud Masque is super refreshing, and cleansing. Made with Rotorua mud, apricot oil, spirulina, aloe vera, and jojoba oil, the mask always help diminish the size of my pores and my skin feels SO soft after using it!
Anyone who knew me last year knows that I could not go a day without my trusty Body Shop vineyard peach body spray. I was obsessed! It was limited addition, however, and so when I ran out mid September I thought that would be the end. Luckily the brought the vineyard peach range back for a limited time this year and I managed to get my hands on not one, but two body mists! It is, unfortunately, no longer available in NZ anymore. Fingers crossed they bring it back next year!
Finally, and my personal favourite, The Escapist's Dot to Dot. I was given this book for my birthday this year. Whenever I'm stressed, bored, or being lazy I go into my room, light all my candles and do a page out of dot to dot book. It puts me in such a good mood! If you're anything like me, a.k.a. a highly stressful human being, I recommend purchasing something like this, whether a colouring book or dot to dot book, because it is so relaxing! I love this one because each page is a different famous landmark, and its so exciting finding out what is what.

That is everything I have been loving recently! Let me know if you have tried any of these products and what you think.

Amesmames xx

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Lush Chick'n'Mix Bath Bomb

When it comes to Lush Easter bath bombs, I thought my favourite would forever be the Golden Egg bath bomb melt. I, of course, hadn't yet tried the chick'n'mix bath bomb. I have completely fallen in love with the bergamont, and tonka scent, and the vibrant colours of this bath bomb.

The brilliant thing about this bath bomb, is that it's not just one, but in fact three seperate bath bombs. In other words, that's at least three relaxing Easter baths! There are two larger bombs, which slot together to form what I think is supposed to be an egg (?), and one little orange bomb hidden on the inside. The blue section has a little sliver of glitter, but apart from that, they have little to no glitter, which means I didn't have to scrub the glitter off the bath like I do after using a Golden Egg.

I am obsessed with the scent of this bath bomb! It smells exactly like jelly, sweet and delicious. Tonka and bergamont make my favourite lush scent yet. It beats snow fairy, olive branch, and honey I washed the kids!

I thoroughly enjoyed using the Chick'n'Mix bath bomb, and if you are able to get your hands on one (depending on where you are in the world) I would definitely recommend it! I'm hoping and praying they bring this one back next Easter!

Amesmames xx

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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Mini Beauty Haul

 This year I have been trying to grow my makeup collection, filling it with good quality makeup that will last for a long time. I am currently saving up for an exchange trip, so all makeup funds were put into my savings along with all the rest of my spending money. This meant my wonderful friends and family knew exactly what to get for me for my birthday this year. I am beyond excited to start using these products!

The Real Techniques Ultimate Eyes Set has been on my wishlist for a long time. Before now I only owned one eye shadow brush, and mainly used my fingers for blending. I can start to be more adventurous and creative with my eye shadow because it is so much easier with brushes!

I've had my eye on the Too Faced Natural Matte Eyeshadow Palette as well. I have a lot of very shimmery and metallic eyeshadows, but not an amazing range of matte shades. Too Faced is probably my favourite makeup brand, and for that reason I really wanted to give their shadows a go. I have heard so many great reviews of Too Faced eyeshadows, and can't wait to let you know what I think.

Finally, the Too Faced Cocoa Contour Kit. My first Contour Palette! It looks beautiful, I love Too Faced's packaging. The four shades and the brush look really lovely, and I'm looking forward to using it on a regular basis.

That's all that I got for my birthday makeup wise, I have been spoilt rotten! I will do follow up reviews of each of these products, so stay tuned!

Amesmames xx

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Lush Which Came First Bath Bomb

One of the joys of having my birthday so close to Easter time, is that I am given Easter lush products every year, without fail. I love being given lush products any time, however since I am currently saving up for an exchange trip and can't buy any for myself I appreciate the gift that much more!
This year I was given the Which Came First bath bomb, and the Golden Egg bath bomb melt (Which you can see a review for here).

This bath bomb is supposed to have a splendid, citrus-y sent, and although it did smell splendid, I found it smelt more like caramel than lemon and grapefruit. The scent itself was very subtle and sweet, not as strong as many other lush bombs I have used.
It fizzed away VERY quickly, like within 1 minute quickly, which I was not expecting. I tried to take a video, but it sank to the bottom of the bath and fizzed away too fast, so that was a bit of a fail.
The outside layer of pink fizzed away first leaving one little, yellow bath bomb chick which fizzed for a couple of minutes extra. The colour left behind was a brilliant, glittery orange, which I loved.

Both of the lush products I was given for my birthday are limited addition, so I recommend you pick some up and give them a go soon before they all run out!
Let me know if you have tried any of the lush Easter products, and what you thought of them in the comments below!

Amesmames xx

Sunday, 2 April 2017


Looking over these photos has made me so nostalgic. It feels like just yesterday I was in the kitchen baking those cupcakes when in reality it was 6 years ago. 
Sixteen already! I can't believe how fast it's gone! While I feel like I have achieved a lot in the past 16 years I think the most important thing for me is how I've grown and developed as a person.

I have gained so much confidence, and have gone from a shy, needy girl to an independent and social woman. (apologies for the cheesiness) I used to be scared starting conversations with people and constantly worried about what people think. I was insecure, and thought that I would never be as cool or fun as my friends. 

However, last year in school I wasn't in many classes with my close friends, and I had to branch out and talk to people or I would be lonely all year. I was terrified! The thought of having to make new friendships was hard enough for me, but doing it without my best friends there to help me? I thought it was impossible. It actually only took me a couple of months to realize that making new friends wasn't that bad at all. In fact, I loved, and still do love, getting to know people and finding out what makes them tick. I, now, go out of my way to talk to new people, and make new friendships.
My fear of starting conversations and what people think of me has almost completely disappeared after realizing that it doesn't matter. If they like me, great! I have a new friend. If they don't, who cares, I've done the best that I can. 

I've grown a lot in my faith as well. I used to think I knew everything there was to know because I've grown up in a christian home, gone to a christian school, and heard every bible story there was to tell. I thought I was better than everyone else. I was a nice person, always happy to help a friend out, always generous with my time and money, never angry at my friends. I thought I was the ultimate good christian girl.
I was so wrong! I'm realizing how undeserving, prideful, and ungrateful I am for Christ's sacrifice. But I'm also realizing how much I need Christ.

It's funny looking back at myself exactly one year ago, and seeing how much I've changed. I'm really proud of myself, and hope to keep challenging myself, and branching out this year.

Amesmames xx

Popflex Activewear

Popflex  is an active wear brand created by youtube, pilates instructor Cassey Ho, also known as Blogilates. I've been following C...